Welcome to the ministry, musings AND mishaps from the Parish of St M’s in Merryworth.

Although St M’s is home to a gaggle of unique mice, a brood of chickens and two felines – I’m usually the one attending to most of the work including the designing, creating, researching, blogging and the cleaning up!

However, I remain hopeful that I WILL enjoy the occasional ‘hot’ cup of tea every now and then…

P.S. I will let you into a little secret – our friend God is known as ‘Mr Madrigal’ here at St M’s.

Light UP for Love!

It’s the FOURTH Sunday of Advent and as St M’s choir warm up their vocal chords in the snug vestry and in anticipation of a VERY special Christmas Eve – Choir Master Roland is waiting for Mary to arrive to light our FOURTH Advent Candle.

But WHERE is Mary?

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