Ashes to Ashes!

On this first day of Lent known as Ash Wednesday, the doors to St M’s Parish Church have opened as the Rev. Suze supported by Verger Philly offer a warm welcome on a chilly and damp afternoon to some familiar faces who have chosen to wear some ‘Sorry Ashes’ on their mouse noses.

And some of those mice have chosen to hang a message of hope on the branches of our Lent Tree…

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Light UP for Love!

It’s the FOURTH Sunday of Advent and as St M’s choir warm up their vocal chords in the snug vestry and in anticipation of a VERY special Christmas Eve – Choir Master Roland is waiting for Mary to arrive to light our FOURTH Advent Candle.

But WHERE is Mary?

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Light UP for Hope!

Today is Advent Sunday – the first day of Advent and here in Merryworth and as our excited young mice open the first doors of their Advent Calendar – the Rev. Suze waits outside St M’s Parish Church on this beautiful frosty morning.

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