Dear Friends, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Mouse Parish of St M’s in the town of Merryworth.

It has been thrilling for me to have been invited to St M’s Parish by the Bishop Martin and my family and I look forward to many happy times living here in this delightful place.

And it has been wonderful working with Tee as she has been keeping me and the parishioners of Merryworth VERY busy indeed.

AND when I take a look at the Parish Diary and what she has planned – well, it’s enough to make my ears spin!

However, Tee’s report to the trustees during the last Parish Church Meeting informed us that we are still very much a struggling parish EVEN though we have achieved some great things including the hosting of a successful Homeless Sunday, our ‘Missing People’ campaign, tucking into a Big Brekkie for Christian Aid and cooking up a treat of a coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Her report went on to say that even though our collective spirit of faith, hope, charity and love was as strong as ever AND despite the best efforts of Everil our Parish Treasurer – the amount remaining in our collection plate is now very little.

She added that we have seen a HUGE influx of mice arriving here at St M’s which is a wonderful cause for celebration – it also presents us with a challenge as they ALL need to be clothed and fed AND given the opportunity to work!

And despite some fabulous donations of fabric, wood and glue, Tee expressed concern that unless we could balance the books of income and expenditure, our lovely parish could begin to suffer.

We were all a bunch of really glum mice upon hearing this news and after Everil had suggested the need for some fundraising (even though I prefer to think of it as ‘fun-raising’) Tee excitedly told us all about Patreon  – the membership site which champions creatives!

And with the planning application approved for the renovation of the Merryworth Windmill and with the exciting work on our ‘Hub Barista Church’ now underway, there is still plenty to keep Tee, my parishioners AND myself busy for some time to come!

Tee shared a wonderful quote from Lewis Carroll that “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” and she said that during this challenging time, her imagination is all the more special as it gives her the freedom to dream up new stories and continue with the creation of our lovely parish.

And in joining the ‘Mousers’ on  Patreon – YOU will be supporting Tee with the creation of St M’s Parish and WE can continue sharing our unique mouse ministry on the St M’s website.

For in pledging an amount every month, you can champion Tee as she keeps the shelves of our shops stocked up with her uniquely designed miniatures.

And she could buy lots of polymer clay to create some more parishioners and make sure that they were fed and clothed too!

And who knows what kind of mischief some of my parishioners could get up to if we were ever lucky enough to go on a seaside holiday?

And as Tee loves nothing more than a nice mug of tea – we could definitely buy her some more tea bags!

With a monthly pledge of £3 and upwards charged to your card on the 1st of the month, there are lots of rewards for you to enjoy.

You can cancel your pledge at any time and if you are unable to join us – YOU can still help us to make this world a better place in other ways too!

With every blessing for you and your loved ones. Rev. Suze xx​