Hello! My name is Tee Bylo and welcome to my Patreon page!

Nestled in a fictional place, Merryworth Town is a 12th scale model village which boasts an old church, a quaint parish hall and an impressive huddle of emporiums including a flower shop, tea rooms, assorted markets and a rather unique gift shop.

Merryworth is also home to a gang of unique mice, a brood of chickens and two Little Big Cats who love nothing more than sharing the tales of their musings, ministry and mishaps – even though I’m usually the one attending to most of the work including the designing, creating, researching, blogging and the cleaning up!

Self-taught and armed with plaster, strip wood, paints, mountboard, papier-mâché, natural foliage, clay, glue and lots of imagination, I have designed Merryworth Town using whatever is around me at the time including model kits, cardboard boxes and scrap plywood.

And as my ideas have grown, so have the properties and with another church, a village shop and a manse in varying stages of the embryonic design process; I have been happily dreaming up so many new festivals, feast days and fundraising ideas that unless I can find a way to live for another 250 years – most are unlikely to be realised!

Although I love what I do and cannot imagine myself doing anything other than this – to survive on fresh air with only a diet of hope and the occasional box of donated teabags is sadly impossible and the glue, paint, wood, tools, paintbrushes, fabric and all of the other lovely stuff I use to create Merryworth Town costs money.

ALL of which has brought ME to Patreon

Patreon is a membership site for artists just like me – although I’ve yet to find anyone else using this site who creates anything quite like I do!

Beginning with a monthly pledge from only £3 which is charged to your card straight away and on the 1st of every month following – you will be able to cross the portal into the exclusive world of Merryworth as a honorary ‘Mouser’ and with access to my Patreon musings, you can enjoy a look at the work in progress and watch as I scurry around dressing the church, arranging flowers, making cheese…

AND I’ll show how how I sculpt those mice!

You’ll have the opportunity to see a finished ‘Small World’ before everyone else and you will be helping us to make this world a better place – one mouse at a time!

For even though the parishioners only made their debut two years ago – they have already achieved great things with a successful Homeless Sunday with the offer of a warm bed and delicious food.

They’ve raised awareness with their ‘Missing People’ campaign and made ‘Pancake Promises’ for Lent.

They’ve also tucked into a Big Brekkie for Christian Aid, offered tea and comfort for the lonely at Christmas and during Lent, those Merryworth Mice championed the campaign against single-use plastic!

As a ‘Thank you’ from us – there are also lots of unique rewards to enjoy including exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ images, giveaways, tutorials and an anniversary gift and all with the freedom to cancel or amend your pledge at any time.

Have you an idea for a story or a cause you would love the mice to support? Drop us a line!

The African proverb tells us that “When the mice laugh at the cat there’s usually a hole nearby” – and so why not join us here in Merryworth and we can all enjoy a chuckle together?

Tee Bylo is Creating ‘Small Worlds’