As It’s Homeless Sunday, Let Us Be Glad?

I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the Lord’s house.’ And now we are here’ and yes, we are indeed in the Lord’s house or the home of Mr Madrigal as he is known here in St M’s.

Sunday January 22 2017 was our annual Homeless Sunday and throughout many of our churches here in the UK, it has become the day in which to connect with those affected by homelessness and to challenge the perception and the conditions which have lead to it and also to celebrate the work undertaken by those who remain passionate of the need to alleviate homelessness for all.

And so it was with a very glad heart when I discovered that those mice had decided to take part for ‘Homeless Sunday’ and that they had ‘cooked up’ a unique plan to do their bit for those who have no home to call their own.

Meet THOSE Mice!
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It’s Homeless Sunday! Let Us Go to the Home of Mr Madrigal…

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"All This is Only for Myself and the Mice to Admire!" ~ Catherine the Great

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