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Our Church Cats…

“Women and Cats Will Do as They Please, and Men and Dogs Should Relax and Get Used to the Idea.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Welcome to the extraordinary tales of a 12th scale feline AND the ONLY animal, domestic or otherwise to enjoy unlimited visitation privileges to the ‘Small Worlds’ created by Tee Bylo.

The inspiration for this Little Big Cat is a Persian fluff-ball who moves like the speed of light, has a penchant for lime-green feathers and who can on occasion be extremely vocal – particularly when a basket of grooming implements comes into view!

He will sometimes answer to the name of Murphy…

AND the exciting tales of Little Big Cat look set to continue with the debut appearance of ANOTHER fluff-ball who enjoys a ravenous appetite, has a fondness for cuddles and who will on occasion, answer to the name of ‘Minnie B’…

Follow the Adventures of Murphy and Minnie B in the World of a Little Big Cat!

We Seek HIM There! We Seek Her EVERYWHERE…

Of Mice, Tee AND Tea!

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