“If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Mother Teresa

Today is the Second Sunday of Advent and a time for patience, reflection and hopefully a time for a little peace as we prepare to welcome the arrival of Jesus into our lives – once more.

Here in Merryworth Town and as our excited young mice open another of their Advent Calendar – Curate Bertram waits in the cozy Chancel of St M’s Parish Church.

But as the ferocious December winds rattle through the wooden rafters of this old church – he is waiting for Mary to arrive to light our SECOND Advent Candle.

Although Mary was VERY excited to have been invited to light the first AND second Advent Candles – she is VERY forgetful and even though she will often struggle to remember the simplest things and becomes upset and confused very easily – the mice of Merryworth ALWAYS try to help Mary live her best life.

But with NO sign of Mary and with a promised visit to the ‘Merryworth Mouselings’ to chat with the young mice about the importance of caring for our lovely town – Curate Bertram potters over to the Advent Wreath with the candle snuffer.

As the sky grows ever darker and the wind continues to howl – Curate Bertram lights our FIRST Advent Candle of hope and then the SECOND Advent Candle which reminds us of the importance of peacefulness.

And with a VERY busy few weeks of Advent planned – Curate Bertram remains hopeful that he will be able to enjoy a peaceful afternoon or two with a read of his new book!

Of Mice, Tee AND Tea!

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