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The Parish Records

Welcome to the Musings, Ministry and Mishaps from the Mouse Parish of Merryworth…

The latest Christian Aid initiative is the ‘Big Brekkie’ in which church and community are encouraged to host a breakfast and invite others to eat with them.

As I couldn’t resist getting those mice involved in this year’s ‘Big Brekkie’ and with the help of the Rev. Suze, we threw open the doors of St M’s Parish Hall for a morning of fun, fellowship AND delicious food!

Come and Eat IF You Are Hungry Enough!

Here at St M’s on this Holy Monday, our church was much more serene… or so I thought!

As I was enjoying a little peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of my studio with Easter eggs still to paint, the pedestal stands to clean and flowers for the Chancel to prepare – I heard the patter of familiar mice feet and the sight of a feather duster!

OK, Holy Monday -Let’s DO This!

Although we have been busy dreaming up some thought-provoking ideas for Holy Week here at St M’s – those mice wanted to remember ‘Missing’ Claudia.

It was the Rev. Suze who came up with the idea of a creating a ‘Thought Tree’ to which the mice could add their prayers of hope for Claudia’s return and for her loved ones who miss her dreadfully.

I’ll Find My Way Home… Somehow!

Homeless Sunday has become the day in which to connect not only with those affected and also the celebration of the work undertaken by those who champion our awareness and perception of homelessness.

And those mice cheered on by the Rev. Suze ‘cooked up’ a unique plan to do their bit for those who have no home to call their own.

Let’s Go to Mr Madrigal’s House!

On the Third Sunday in Advent and as the Advent Candles burn brightly in the shadow of the magnificent fir tree – it’s beginning to look like Christmas here at St M’s.

However, you will find no tinsel and baubles on THIS Christmas tree as the Rev. Suze thought it would be a lovely idea to dress THIS tree with presents for our loved ones who will be celebrating a heavenly Christmas.

Last Christmas…

The last Sunday before Advent is known as ‘Stir Up Sunday’ as it is the traditional day for making a really delicious Christmas pudding!

And here at St M’s and as the scent of cinnamon and spice wafts through the air of this cold November morning – there’s a flurry of activity inside the parish hall along with the sound of a busy kettle and clashing pudding pans.

Spoons at the Ready for Stir Up Sunday!